Roger Clemens Commercial – Hilarious!

23 08 2007

Now I’m no Roger Clemens fan, but I found this commercial to be quite hilarious. Good job to Cingular and Clemens
Check it out and let us know what you think.


Watching Mike Mussina Pitch Makes Me Smile

22 08 2007

Well, it’s 7-1 Angels, in the bottom of the second inning and the Yankees finally take Mike Mussina out of the game.

Wow…Mussina is a terrible pitcher.

Last week he gets knocked around by the Tigers. I think there was a Grand Slam in the first inning…. (See picture below).
Mussina - Tiger Loss

Now this.

As a Yankee Hater, watching him pitch puts a smile on face 🙂

Eric Gagne Blows

13 08 2007

After watching and listening to the Red Sox series with the Baltimore Orioles this past weekend one thing became apparently clear: Eric Gagne Sucks.
Gagne Blows

Instead of being 6 games ahead of the surging Yankees, the Red Sox are now 4 games ahead after Eric Gange blew two games.

Friday’s game recap
Sunday’s game recap

Is Eric Gagne the equivalent to Kyle Farnsworth of the Yankees? (thanks manderson)
A player who makes fans cringe when he enters the field? I guess Boston wasn’t the trade deadline winner after all….

Here is what Boston is saying about their new “star” reliever.
I really don’t have any suggestions for Gagne except to play better. MUCH BETTER

Red Sox fans aren’t your typical baseball fans. This isn’t Texas or L.A. Get ready to be pissed on the next time you play at Fenway…..

Another A-Rod Controversy? Why Not…

31 05 2007

I was just relaxing Wednesday night, not doing much. Lots of sports on TV, but I wasn’t really paying attention to anything in particular. While my wife was watching Shear Genius, I decided to check out the score of the Yankees-Blue Jays game and got another reason to hate A-Rod.

As soon, as I switch the channel, Jorge Posada hit a routine infield fly ball. There were two outs in the top of the 9th so the runners (Matsui and A-Rod) were running. As A-Rod was running between second and third, it looks like he yelled, “I got it!” throwing the Jays’ John McDonald and Howie Clark off while their were trying to catch the ball.

The ball dropped and the Yankees tacked on another run to their lead. You could not hear A-Rod say anything, but you can tell he definitely said something as he was passing the Toronto players. After the umpires calmed down John McDonald and Blue Jays manger John Gibbons, the game resumed. The Yankees won 10-5. Just another un-classy move by an un-classy baseball player.

One question: Can this guy A-Rod avoid controversy?

Remember this one?

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How about this one?

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And of course to two latest ones….

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While the Yankees have been losing over the last few days, A-Rod has been out in Toronto going to strip joints, staying in different hotels than the rest of the Yankees, and getting photographed with women who aren’t his wife. Now this?

Here’s a piece of advice: start acting the great player you are. If you want to be remembered as a classless ball player, then you are the right track. But if you want to be known as the great offensive baseball player, then start acting like a man and not a little bitch. Just remember, the Baseball Gods have a way of pissing on those that piss on the game. Have fun at Fenway this weekend A-Rod…hopefully the Red Sox put you in your place.

Here are a couple quotes after the game

A-Rod: “That play happens to me three or four times a week, except it’s not at third base, it’s over in foul territory by the dugout”………..”I just said, ‘Hah!’ That’s it,” Rodriguez said. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Blue Jays Howie Clark: “This is my 16th season and it’s never happened once”

Johnny Damon: “I wasn’t sure that was allowed. If it is, maybe we’ll keep on doing it.”

Frustration Sets in for the Yankees

30 05 2007

The negativity of the Yankees and their losing ways has finally reached Roger Clemens down in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Monday night. Clemens took a simple, innocent question from a reporter and blew it completely out proportion, getting extremely emotional. Have all the Yankees finally cracked? Will the Clemens experiment be all for nothing?

The answer to both these questions is “yes”.

If you haven’t seen the Clemens press conference meltdown yet, check this out

After listening to ton of sports talk radio in the New York area, I’m getting the impression that Yankee fans are finally coming to the realization that while Clemens will be a fantastic additions to the Yankees’ pitching staff, he is no savior.

This isn’t basketball or football, where one player can come back from an injury and literally take over a game. Clemens will be able control the Yankees destiny once every five starts. That’s it. The other side of the equation is when Clemens pitches, the Yankees need to hit, which they have neglected to do this season.

The question now is this: Are the Yankees done?

I have a real hard time saying that the Yankees are done. But if they continue to lose and if they get swept by the Red Sox this weekend at Fenway, the Yankees will have an extremely hard time climbing out of the hole that they have dug for themselves.

Here are a couple predictions for the Yankees this season

The Yankees will make a run at the American League Wild Card, but will lose out to the Indians

Mike Mussia will complain all season long about being a “creature of habit” and complain when games are cancelled on days when he is pitching

Brian Cashman and Joe Torre will be let go at the end of the season

Don Mattingly will become the new manager, thus bringing the “Curse of Don Mattingly” full circle.

Roger Clemens will take his money after winning 10 games this season, go home to Texas and start preparing to scam another team out of millions next season. (Watch out Red Sox!)

This Guy Tavarez Ain’t That Bad

23 05 2007

I was telling a friend who is a Yankees fan, before the game that Julian Tavarez was going to have a big game. Yes I said it in a sarcastic manner, but hey…..Tavarez (on his 34th birthday) came through and the Red Sox won the game, 7-3.

Boston Red Sox fans couldn’t ask for anything more from Tavarez. He’s a fifth starter, with little upside. Still this guy goes into Yankee Stadium and pitches a game that would make any Red Sox fan smile. Of course there were some issues, but look at the bright side, the Red Sox won!

Listening to the first inning in the car as I was coming home from work, I was extremely giddy to hear Manny Ramirez hit a home run off of Mike Mussina, giving the BoSox 3-0 lead. From that point on, the game was in the Red Sox hands….kind of……

After the game, Michael Kay (probably the worst play-by-play announcer ever) turns to Paul O’Neil, and starts complaining about a bad call that happened on a Coco Crisp stolen base. O’Neil looks at Kay and says, “well, you can’t gauge an entire game on one bad call”. Classic!

Here is a recap of the game.

Over all, it is the non-super stars on the Red Sox that are keeping games out of reach of opposing teams. Kevin Youkilis with two hits and one RBI and Mike Lowell with two hits, one home run, and one RBI have been unbelievable this season including this game vs. the Yankees

Looking forward to the Schilling-Pettitte match up Wednesday night.

Don’t be surprised if you hear from the Boss, George Steinbrenner, tomorrow night if the Yankees lose…

Are the Yankees in Trouble?

18 05 2007

Are the Yankees falling apart? Not yet, but depending on how this weekend goes, the writing could be on the wall.

Besides going into this weekend’s subway series with a losing record, the Yankees have a lot of issues that need to be addressed. First stop, on field issues.

Andy Pettitte is pitching Friday night against Oliver Perez. In the past, I would have given Pettitte a free pass on this, but Perez is pitching well (kind of). This game is going to be a toss up.

As for the next two games, the Mets will be having Tom Glavine and John Maine on the mound. The Yankees? I’m not even to sure who the hell is pitching for them. Advantage: Mets

The Yankees two best hitters are Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter and everyone else is in a slump. If Torre wants to get some runs in, he should put Posada near the top of the line up in either the 3rd, 4th, or 5th spot. A-Rod has cooled off, Abreu stinks, Cano is having a terrible season, Matsui loves hitting into double plays, and Giambi won’t be playing that much due to the fact there is no DH in the National League. The Yankees line up is to good to be this bad. Maybe they’ll “wake up” as A-Rod suggested, but shouldn’t the Yankees have woken up already? If the White Sox can’t wake up the Yanks, I don’t expect a series with the Mets too.

Overall I feel the problem with the Yankees is that they have been inconsistent. When they have good pitching, they don’t hit…when they are hitting, they don’t pitch. Basically all these signs point to the Yankees being a bad team.

A couple other off-the-field issues that could annoy the Yankees are how Kyle Farnsworth disapproves of Roger Clemens’ “family plan” and the fact that Jason Giambi apologized for taking steroids.

First off…. Kyle who? I’m not one to defend Roger Clemens, but Farnsworth should be the last person who is going to complain about this. This over-priced pitcher has barely played in any games this season! Once a Jeter or an A-Rod complains, then it’s a story. Don’t worry though…the New York media is all over it.

As for Giambi and steroids, this is another “no-story”. After Giambi apologized for using “that stuff”, he went on to say that Major League Baseball should apologize to the fans about the steroids era. Let me make something quite clear: there is no way that the MLB will apologize anytime soon for the steroid era. Maybe in about 50 years, another commissioner will apologize, but not in this decade.

By May 24th, we’ll see if the Yankees are in serious trouble. The next two series versus the Mets and Red Sox will either seal the Yankees fate as a bad team or give them the opportunity to bounce back in the month of June.