Eric Gagne Blows

13 08 2007

After watching and listening to the Red Sox series with the Baltimore Orioles this past weekend one thing became apparently clear: Eric Gagne Sucks.
Gagne Blows

Instead of being 6 games ahead of the surging Yankees, the Red Sox are now 4 games ahead after Eric Gange blew two games.

Friday’s game recap
Sunday’s game recap

Is Eric Gagne the equivalent to Kyle Farnsworth of the Yankees? (thanks manderson)
A player who makes fans cringe when he enters the field? I guess Boston wasn’t the trade deadline winner after all….

Here is what Boston is saying about their new “star” reliever.
I really don’t have any suggestions for Gagne except to play better. MUCH BETTER

Red Sox fans aren’t your typical baseball fans. This isn’t Texas or L.A. Get ready to be pissed on the next time you play at Fenway…..




2 responses

18 08 2007

This just in….Gabbard pitched another solid game for Texas. You traded for a Rangers pitcher….do you have no concept of history? It’s the Rangers pitching staff…..Shame on you….

18 08 2007

and gagne blows another game……

how about this advice for the Red Sox: “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”

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