Frustration Sets in for the Yankees

30 05 2007

The negativity of the Yankees and their losing ways has finally reached Roger Clemens down in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Monday night. Clemens took a simple, innocent question from a reporter and blew it completely out proportion, getting extremely emotional. Have all the Yankees finally cracked? Will the Clemens experiment be all for nothing?

The answer to both these questions is “yes”.

If you haven’t seen the Clemens press conference meltdown yet, check this out

After listening to ton of sports talk radio in the New York area, I’m getting the impression that Yankee fans are finally coming to the realization that while Clemens will be a fantastic additions to the Yankees’ pitching staff, he is no savior.

This isn’t basketball or football, where one player can come back from an injury and literally take over a game. Clemens will be able control the Yankees destiny once every five starts. That’s it. The other side of the equation is when Clemens pitches, the Yankees need to hit, which they have neglected to do this season.

The question now is this: Are the Yankees done?

I have a real hard time saying that the Yankees are done. But if they continue to lose and if they get swept by the Red Sox this weekend at Fenway, the Yankees will have an extremely hard time climbing out of the hole that they have dug for themselves.

Here are a couple predictions for the Yankees this season

The Yankees will make a run at the American League Wild Card, but will lose out to the Indians

Mike Mussia will complain all season long about being a “creature of habit” and complain when games are cancelled on days when he is pitching

Brian Cashman and Joe Torre will be let go at the end of the season

Don Mattingly will become the new manager, thus bringing the “Curse of Don Mattingly” full circle.

Roger Clemens will take his money after winning 10 games this season, go home to Texas and start preparing to scam another team out of millions next season. (Watch out Red Sox!)




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