This Guy Tavarez Ain’t That Bad

23 05 2007

I was telling a friend who is a Yankees fan, before the game that Julian Tavarez was going to have a big game. Yes I said it in a sarcastic manner, but hey…..Tavarez (on his 34th birthday) came through and the Red Sox won the game, 7-3.

Boston Red Sox fans couldn’t ask for anything more from Tavarez. He’s a fifth starter, with little upside. Still this guy goes into Yankee Stadium and pitches a game that would make any Red Sox fan smile. Of course there were some issues, but look at the bright side, the Red Sox won!

Listening to the first inning in the car as I was coming home from work, I was extremely giddy to hear Manny Ramirez hit a home run off of Mike Mussina, giving the BoSox 3-0 lead. From that point on, the game was in the Red Sox hands….kind of……

After the game, Michael Kay (probably the worst play-by-play announcer ever) turns to Paul O’Neil, and starts complaining about a bad call that happened on a Coco Crisp stolen base. O’Neil looks at Kay and says, “well, you can’t gauge an entire game on one bad call”. Classic!

Here is a recap of the game.

Over all, it is the non-super stars on the Red Sox that are keeping games out of reach of opposing teams. Kevin Youkilis with two hits and one RBI and Mike Lowell with two hits, one home run, and one RBI have been unbelievable this season including this game vs. the Yankees

Looking forward to the Schilling-Pettitte match up Wednesday night.

Don’t be surprised if you hear from the Boss, George Steinbrenner, tomorrow night if the Yankees lose…




One response

24 05 2007

I am afraid they are using him as trade bait when Lester is ready.

Stupid Theo

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