One Season Is All Randy Moss Needs

22 05 2007

For all you Randy Moss haters out there, I’ve got something to say: I’m with you. I totally agree that Moss is a problem case and can disrupt any team, any time. But I think next season will be different.

Randy Moss is looking for something that all football players in the NFL are looking: a Super Bowl ring. Of course, the team with the best chance to get to the Super Bowl next season is the New England Patriots. So here is my guarantee of the year. You listening?? Ok…here goes…

Randy Moss will play nice for one season and the Patriots will win a Super Bowl

Moss understands that this is his big chance. This is his chance to win a ring and to prove to all his critics that he can get along with his teammates. So far the reviews of Randy have been quite positive.

Technically, Moss doesn’t have to show up in Foxboro until June 2. But last week, Moss was in the weigh room, meeting his new teammates. Not only did I expect this to happen, I’m pretty sure I predicted this would happen on SportsFaction radio.

Listen, Moss is not stupid. He knows he is surrounded by many NFL veterans and unbelievable talent. He knows the sacrifice that Tom Brady did to make sure he had a spot with the Patriots. Moss will repay the Patriots by playing in spectacular fashion next season.

After the 2007 season…well…that’s another issue

If the Patriots win a Super Bowl, Moss will play nice most of the 2008 season.

But if the Patriots don’t win a Super Bowl, I’m scared to think of what’s going happen.

I could see Moss start acting like the ass he really is, beginning with disrupting the Patriots locker room, then moving to dropping easy passes (which will piss off Tom Brady). After a few week of his antics, Belichick will get feed up and the Patriots will figure out a way to either get rid of Moss or keep him out of games. But I digress…

I think at this point the Patriots just want to take it one season at a time.




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