“Hey Vince…have fun down in Charlotte”

22 05 2007

After the Nets loss to the Cavaliers, 88-72, therefore ending their season, all the talk has been on if Vince Carter will stay or go.

If you ask any Nets fan, you’ll get the sense real quickly that Carter has to go. Nets fans were waiting for Carter to step it up in this playoff series versus the Cavs, and it never happened.

Here are a couple scenarios that might happen with Carter during the off-season

Vince Carter stays with the Nets for another season. Hey…it could happen. Carter even said himself that he wants to stay with the Nets. This will piss off Nets fans, but I think people need to understand that this is Vince Carter. VINCE CARTER! You could do worst….

Vince Carter leaves. Jason Kidd is so upset that he asks for a trade and leaves the Nets. Please don’t believe this garbage. This is just another lame rumor courtesy of the folks over at Fan Nation. Don’t go to Fan Nation for you lame rumors…. go to SportsFaction. Wait…scratch that.

To be honest, Nets president Rob Thorn is no dummy. He’ll do the best thing for his team. If the Nets want to get rid of Carter, then Thorn will pull the trigger.

As for Carter, well…these Eastern Conference Semi-finals might be as far as Carter goes in his career. As WFAN’s Evan Roberts said: “Hey Vince…have fun down in Charlotte.” Well put Evan…well put.




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