Are the Yankees in Trouble?

18 05 2007

Are the Yankees falling apart? Not yet, but depending on how this weekend goes, the writing could be on the wall.

Besides going into this weekend’s subway series with a losing record, the Yankees have a lot of issues that need to be addressed. First stop, on field issues.

Andy Pettitte is pitching Friday night against Oliver Perez. In the past, I would have given Pettitte a free pass on this, but Perez is pitching well (kind of). This game is going to be a toss up.

As for the next two games, the Mets will be having Tom Glavine and John Maine on the mound. The Yankees? I’m not even to sure who the hell is pitching for them. Advantage: Mets

The Yankees two best hitters are Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter and everyone else is in a slump. If Torre wants to get some runs in, he should put Posada near the top of the line up in either the 3rd, 4th, or 5th spot. A-Rod has cooled off, Abreu stinks, Cano is having a terrible season, Matsui loves hitting into double plays, and Giambi won’t be playing that much due to the fact there is no DH in the National League. The Yankees line up is to good to be this bad. Maybe they’ll “wake up” as A-Rod suggested, but shouldn’t the Yankees have woken up already? If the White Sox can’t wake up the Yanks, I don’t expect a series with the Mets too.

Overall I feel the problem with the Yankees is that they have been inconsistent. When they have good pitching, they don’t hit…when they are hitting, they don’t pitch. Basically all these signs point to the Yankees being a bad team.

A couple other off-the-field issues that could annoy the Yankees are how Kyle Farnsworth disapproves of Roger Clemens’ “family plan” and the fact that Jason Giambi apologized for taking steroids.

First off…. Kyle who? I’m not one to defend Roger Clemens, but Farnsworth should be the last person who is going to complain about this. This over-priced pitcher has barely played in any games this season! Once a Jeter or an A-Rod complains, then it’s a story. Don’t worry though…the New York media is all over it.

As for Giambi and steroids, this is another “no-story”. After Giambi apologized for using “that stuff”, he went on to say that Major League Baseball should apologize to the fans about the steroids era. Let me make something quite clear: there is no way that the MLB will apologize anytime soon for the steroid era. Maybe in about 50 years, another commissioner will apologize, but not in this decade.

By May 24th, we’ll see if the Yankees are in serious trouble. The next two series versus the Mets and Red Sox will either seal the Yankees fate as a bad team or give them the opportunity to bounce back in the month of June.




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