The Spurs Are A Bunch Of Punks And/Or The NBA Is Back!

16 05 2007

The Spurs-Suns series took a turn for the worst during Game 4 when Robert Horry hip-checked Steve Nash. After all the smoked cleared, three players were suspended: Horry, Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw. The one person missing off this list: Tim Duncan.

 Now I haven’t been watching the NBA extremely close all season, but it is very obvious to me that the Spurs are a bunch of whining, rough, dirty players.

Listening to Horry and coach Gregg Popovich talk about the suspensions on Wednesday was irritating.

To infer that Nash was “acting” after Horry hip-checked him is insulting. And yes, there have been harder fouls in the past as Popovich stated, but to call Horry’s foul not excessive is a load crap. Popovich and the Spurs sent the Suns a message during Game 4 and it said “Don’t Fuck With Us”.

Stoudemire on the other hand took his punishment with class. He knew he was going to be suspended, even explaining why he thought that he was suspended and Tim Duncan was not.

To be honest, I’m not surprised. I had a feeling this was going to happen at some point in this series. The only questions that I had were “when” and “who”.

In the end, the foul might have been rough and some players might not have been punished accordingly but at least people are starting to talk and watch the NBA again!




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