Cliché Statement of the Week: Pitching Wins Games

16 05 2007

A few weeks before the baseball season started, a co-worker of mine bet me that Carl Pavano would have better numbers than Daisuke Matsuzaka.  Let’s just say I have already collected on that bet. Matsuzaka pitched a complete game Monday night against the Detroit Tigers and don’t be surprised if you see him do it again a few more times this season.  Last season in Japan, Dice-K had 13 complete games.  According to manager Terry Francona, “[Dice-K] was better at the end that he was at the beginning”.    This is good news for the Red Sox, since it is unclear how Josh Beckett will bounce back from his finger injury.  The reality is, you can’t stop this Boston Red Sox starting rotation.  With Beckett, Curt Schilling, Dice-K, and Tim Wakefield all healthy, any team would be intimidated to face them.  Even Braves third baseman, Chipper Jones, is upset with how they have to play the Red Sox in the upcoming week.    Basically pitching wins ball games.  Let’s take a look at the top 5 teams in this week’s baseball power rankings.

1. Red Sox

 I just pointed out that this rotation is extremely intimidating to any team in the baseball.  With the bullpen stocked with pitchers like Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon this pitching staff is unstoppable.

2. Braves

With John Smoltz off to a good start and Tim Hudson finally producing, the Braves have a fantastic one-two punch when it comes to pitching.  We’ll see how this latest injury to Smoltz effects the Braves

3. Mets

Who knew that Oliver Perez and John Maine would be this good so far?  Well, I had an idea about Maine…. but Perez??  Add Tom Glavine to the mix and the Pedro coming back in the summer, and the Mets pitching rotation could lead this team to the promise land.  The only question I would have is with Aaron Heilman in the bullpen.  Heilman has not been good and could screw the Mets in close games.

4. Brewers

 The Brewers are the team that just came out of nowhere.   Well, not exactly. But I did not expect them to be this dominant.  When you have consistent pitching by Ben Sheets, Jeff Suppan, Chris Capuano, and even Dave Bush, it is no surprise that they are ranked 4th this week.  Hitting also doesn’t hurt.


This rotation was good last year, and they are proving that the 2006 season wasn’t a fluke.  Jeremy Bonderman, Nate Robertson, and Justin Verlander have been helping the Tigers at the beginning of games and Todd Jones is staying consistent and closing out games making the Tigers a top contender in the American League Central. 

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